Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This is neither here, nor there.

  • Most days I forget that I have fibromyalgia.  I’m fortunate in the sense that I think I have a mild case.  But cold weather and stress are my triggers, and as such, I’ve been in severe pain the past few days during this cold front.  And I’m talking –2-degrees kind of cold.  Ouch.
  • Its been so bad that Jon can’t cuddle with me.  Not even kidding.  Poor guy has been relegated to cuddling with his pillow because his touching me just hurts. 
  • But I hear there’s a warm front coming through soon.  Yay!
  • Last night, we put the Littles to bed and after some delays, we soon heard the wonderful sound of silence.  We naturally assumed that everyone had finally fallen asleep.  But we all know what they say about “assume”, don’t we?
  • Come to find out, Ashlynn had climbed out of her crib and decided to play in glitter.  As in, eat it, rub it all over her pajamas and hands, and wipe it in her hair.  At least it was pretty. 
  • She was promptly put back into bed, and it wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed myself, did I notice the toiletry carnage in the bathroom.  She’d unwrapped every single tampon, from a brand-new box, and had thrown the wrappers everywhere.  I was dying to take a picture and share it, but I’m pretty sure that one falls under the “overshare, no thank you” heading.
  • Hudson has reached a new phase.  At least, I’m hoping it’s a phase because… well, the alternative makes me very uncomfortable.
  • He is currently IN LOVE with his mama.  No, I’m not talking the maternal love one has for the woman who gave them life.  I’m talking flustered, red-faced the moment I walk into a room, jealous of any affection or attention given to Jon, to the point he’ll weasel his way in-between us, tongue-tied love.
  • Don’t get me wrong, it’s a huge ego boost. But I’m thinking in a year or two, this will probably be frowned upon.  Starting with yours truly.  So lie to me if you have to, this is just a phase, right?!
  • Reagan.  Oh sweet molasses.  This girl truly needs her own social media account because over half of my updates, tweets, etc. are about the antics of our sassy Rea.
  • Today she ran the small, kiddie grocery cart into the back of my legs more times than I can count.  At one point, she turned to me, with an exasperated sigh, said, “I really am a bad driver!” The things that come out of her mouth are often times so adult-like, so mature, and yet, with enough sass or innocence, that all we can do is laugh.
  • Her love language is without a doubt both quality time and acts of service.  Nothing will fill her love tank more than some one-on-one time with Jon or I, and/or getting to help me clean or make dinner.
  • I can’t believe she’ll be starting preschool next year.  Hold me.  I’m savoring this last semester of having her home with me in the afternoons.  I truly cannot believe how fast life moves forward.
  • And if I ever have any doubts that time marches on, I need not look any further than our resident eight-year-old.  Seriously.  8 years old.  I really have no clue how that happened because I swear, I SWEAR, she just started walking last week.  Right?
  • Devyn has turned into my mini-me.  The other night, after Jon had already gone to bed, she snuck out of her room about 2 hours past her bedtime to let me know she finished another American Girl book.  She’d laid in bed for two hours, reading by the light of the hallway.  Do you know how often I did the same thing?!  I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud.  Even if she did disobey the bedtime rule, but we’ll just overlook that, m’kay?
  • And we’re also about to start a new venture with Miss Paige.  Volleyball.  Yep, that’s right, Devyn is starting the world of sports with her girlfriend, Shyann, and volleyball.  (Somewhere Uncle Caleb is doing a victory dance.)
  • Practices, coaches, rosters, and games, oh my.  6 weeks of crowding into a middle school gym to cheer on our girl and her team. I am both looking forward to it and terrified that its one more reminder that forward we go.
  • Jon and I’ve decided that we’re pretty game to have the Littles try whatever sport they want.  Our only stipulation is that they must finish the season, even if it wasn’t what they wanted, its about the commitment.  So, we’ll see what’s in the cards for us in the years ahead.
  • So far this year, we have Reagan committed to trying soccer in the spring, Hudson is, without a doubt, doing baseball this summer, as well as getting all the Littles into swimming lessons again.
  • Oy.  Just typing all of that out makes my wallet hurt.  Newsflash.  Kids are expensive.
  • In the past, I’ve prayed that God would give me love and grace to handle each situation.  I believe He’s been faithful to the prayer.  But lately, I’ve been convicted to add to the prayer.  So now I’ve started praying that God would give me love, grace, and courage.
  • Yeah.  It makes me a lot nervous to pray for courage.  Simply because I know that God’s way of answering that prayer is to give me situations in which to be courageous.  Awesome.
  • But a couple of years ago, I had a situation in which I felt God asking me to put it all on the alter and give it to Him.  As I placed each thing on that alter (Jon, my marriage, our children, finances, control, the future, my sisters, etc.), it paralyzed me.  It was terrifying (TERRIFYING!) to say, “Here it is, God, everything that means most to me.  Its yours, do with it what you will.”  But it got easier each time I prayed it.  So I figure (and hope) that this prayer will also get easier with time.  We’ll see…
  • Our new church (yeah, I still owe y’all a post about that) has a social media director.  As in, they get social media and today’s culture.  It was weird at first, but then I got used to seeing tweets and updates from the church in my Twitter and Facebook timelines.
  • Then our head pastor decided to follow me on Twitter.  Um, is he sure he wants to do that? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I tweet anything that’s inappropriate, but does he really want the play-by-play of getting the Littles to just.stop.fighting?  Or how about the fact that I’m whoo-hooing a trip to the grocery store by myself?  See, that’s pulitizer prize winning stuff right there.  Poor guy. I’m not sure he knows what he got when he clicked that “follow” button.
  • And last, but not least, Dad is having surgery to remove his prostate on Thursday.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  Do I have a peace about it all?  Yes.  But I’m nervous because its my dad and it’s surgery.  A 6-hour surgery at that.
  • If you think of us, will you join us in praying?  It’ll be Thursday morning, and I believe all of the sisters, mom, and Grandma Rose will be at the hospital all day.  I’m praying for continued peace, for wisdom for the doctors and a steady hand in the operating room.  I’m praying for a healthy recovery, and a good prognosis.  Thanks all!  We appreciate it more than we can say!


Ashley @ this girl is... anratliff said...

I'm sending prayers your way!

Meghan said...

Sending prayers for your family & that the warm front comes quick, so that you feel better!

Meghan said...

& I love your new design!

Amber W said...

Many prayers being sent your way.
I love hearing all the little ins and outs of your guys' life! Time is flying for me as well - glad I am not alone!!

Taylor said...

I love the way you write about your family, I can just feel the love oozing from the page and it's awesome! They are so blessed to have you in their lives. And also, I will be praying fervently for your dad and for your family!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

my parents had that same rule; we could try whatever we wanted but if ee started it, we had to finish it. Great rule. We will be doing the same with E.

and definitely sending prayers your way for your Dad.

Lisa C said...

Your post just made me smile. I only have one (now 22) but it reminded me of all the funny things he did. When he was about 6 we were on our way to Home Depot (how do I remember that?) and he said, "Mom, do you ever want to be a bird?" Um, no. "That way you can see a car and then just bomb it if they cut someone off." Okay, son. They grow up too fast! Keep laughing and smiling at their antics. They know you're their biggest cheerleader. And, yes, your son will grow out of it but he also learns how to treat you from how your husband treats you -- and that makes his future wife a very lucky lady.

Shellsea said...

I have a hard time separating my blog self from me. I'm honest and sometimes boring on my blog twitter so when grandparents and inlaws start to follow- I think you really don't want to read this! Prayers for your dad.

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